THE best way to influence decision making among politicians is to let your MSPs know the strength of feeling on an issue.

MSPs ignore public opinion at their peril and if it is made clear that the people support changing the law on organ donation to an opt-out system they will listen.

Already we know a majority of MSPs are in favour, but that needs to translate into support for Anne McTaggart's Member's Bill, when party politics could come into play.

The current consultation period is your opportunity to let MSPs know if you agree with the Bill which is designed to increase the number of available organs, while safeguarding the wishes of the individual.

The British Heart Foundation is backing the Bill and other charities and medical opinion is convinced it is now needed.

After the 12-week consultation period is up, it is over to the politicians and debates in committees and the Parliament.

Until then we have an opportunity to support the change that will end the unnecessary deaths of people while waiting for a suitable organ.

The time has come for Scotland to change and end the heartache of so many families who suffer the tragic loss of a loved one which could have been avoided.