READING about the UK's multi-billion pound arms deals with both Russia and Israel, there was a distinct whiff of hypocrisy from the politicians marking the start of the First World War.

For all their talk of 'remembrance' and 'learning lessons', it seems they are perfectly happy to do deals with countries which have blood on their hands.

They weep crocodile tears over the deaths of innocents, when it was they who helped supply the bullets, bombs and missiles which killed them.

Gordon Fraser Via e-mail

Game to go on

AFTER all the goodwill generate by the 'friendly' Commonwealth Games, what a pity to see that there are still mindless morons who think it is fun to destroy a community garden (August 6)

The fact that this was the thrid time thugs have tried to destroy the city amenity in as many years only makes it worse.

Fortunately, local residents have vowed to rebuild the garden for a fourth time and say they will not be beaten.

Just the sort of spirit that made the Games such a success and enabled Team Scotland to amass their record-breaking medal tally.

B Robertson Coatbridge

Mascot cash

Making Clyde the new Glasgow mascot is a great idea (August 5). It would be even nicer if the rights were given to Glasgow so that royalties from future merchandise sales could be used to benefit Glasgow schools.

It was, after all, a Glasgow schoolgirl who designed the mascot.

JM Barrie gave all the rights to Peter Pan to Great Ormond Street Hospital - will Clyde's keepers be so generous?

Brian Atkinson Via email

Medal parade

I think it's terrible the Commonwealth Games medal parade is not going anywhere near the East End.

The people of that area were the ones most put out by the Games, with bus routes put off and street barricades erected everywhere you went.

Peter Kenny Via email