ONE of the big legacies of the Commonwealth Games has to be a much greater participation in sport and physical activity.

Not just investment in the facilities and development that will help create the next generation of Lynsey Sharps, Ross Murdochs and Charlie Flynns, but everyone else who won't scale their heights, yet still enjoy the benefits of sport.

You don't even need to use the venues, although you'll love them if you do. But instead of, or as well as these, you can get involved in the great outdoors, even in the city.

Claudio Pia's Lambhill Active group is a perfect example of using what's around us for exercise, with the Forth and Clyde Canal his chosen arena.

Getting more people, especially children, involves in cycling will bring health and environmental benefits in the future.

Patricia Ferguson called on children to be encouraged more to cycle to school, which is welcome and will require better investment in safer cycling routes in our communities.

There are many facets to the legacy of the Games and there is no reason why, with investment and motivation, they can't be achieved in both economic and health terms.

The city needs improvements in both and must work fast to deliver.