1 Superman:

Journalist Clark Kent from the planet Krypton was created in 1938.

2 Batman: The alter ego of businessman Bruce Wayne who swore revenge on criminals after his parents' murder.

3 Spider-Man: Student Peter Parker and his ability to cling on to surfaces emerged in 1962.

4 Daredevil: Matt Murdock's alias is also bent on revenge after his father is killed.

5 Iron Man: Tony Stark uses his protective shield to save the world, and now enjoying box-office success.

6 Wonder Woman: Created in 1941 and has fought for justice, love, peace and sexual equality.

7 Wolverine: The mutant with long retractable claws has also hit the big screen with Hugh Jackman.

8 Thor: Based on the Norse god of thunder, the character first appeared in 1962.

9 Hulk: The alter ego of Bruce Banner, became the Incredible Hulk on television.

10 Captain Marvel: By saying the word Shazam, he turns into a superhero with Herculean strength.