This week, Charlie Flynn packs a punch with his words, closing time for the Commonwealth Games and feeling knotty.


Just before the final whistle was blown for the Commonwealth Games, I was called in to host the last night of the boxing at The Hydro on Saturday.

Sadly, I missed the earlier session where Scotland rung in two gold medals, one of which was picked up by my new favourite orator: Charlie Flynn, the postie from Motherwell. This guy not only has a mean left hook but he packs a punch with his words too.

'In the ring' he said 'it was like looking up at ants, that sounded like lions'. Genius. And I know what he means. Whether it was singing O' Flower of Scotland after a Scottish gold, the dum da dum da's of 500 Miles or, at the boxing, managing to get 14,000 folk to sing Sweet Caroline, it's the sound of the Glasgow crowd during the Games that will stay with me. And the boxing crowd are a loud bunch, perhaps because those watching have such respect for those willing and brave enough to step up to the ring. I was inspired… but really, I think I'm probably more about banter than bantam!

Closing Ceremony

Closing time in Glasgow is often a technicolor affair, and none more so than when the bell rang time on the 2014 Commonwealth Games. The theme was 'All Back to Ours' or, what would be more colloquially correct, 'Ave goat an empty'.

The tartan and teacakes of the opening ceremony had been washed down with a good slug of Bucky, and the night was purely about celebration rather than trying to say anything clever about who or what Scotland is.

I arrived early and was a wee bit concerned when I saw the athletes rehearsing and leaping out of tents 10 minutes before the show began. I'm not sure this is going to be something to shout about, I thought. Then Lulu arrived. Performances from Deacon Blue and (I was delighted) Prides followed. Prides are a smashing up and coming Weegie band who have barely been together a year, providing a healthy dose of edge to the otherwise tame musical backdrop. Then there was the Australian handover, and Scotland collectively thought 'phew, we don't need to feel too embarrassed about Karen Dunbar and John Barrowman'!

Then it was the Kylie show. I was delighted to see the pop princess but it turned the celebration into a more of a gig than anything with a Glaswegian hallmark. Ending on a more poignant note was Dougie MacLean and Caledonia, by which point I was greeting my eyes out. I blame tiredness, too much Proclaimers and the fact that this time tomorrow, I'll be walking down the aisle to the very same song! Aye, they think it's all over. It is now!

Hyndland Chiropractic

During the Commonwealth Games I've been working 15+ hour days, presenting at the sports, writing newspaper columns, plus my BBC radio show and only really managing to fit it all in by bombing it around on one of the Glasgow bikes.

Unlike the athletes, though, I hadn't been in training and my aching muscles were making me hobble around like I had actually been running the marathon. So, I thought I'd treat myself to a proper massage. I've always enjoyed massages in beauty parlours but it can sometimes feel a bit like you're simply getting stroked better (wheesht, I said beauty parlours!)

The recently opened Buchanan Chiropractic in the dental surgery opposite Epicures on Hyndland Road wasn't too far for me to shuffle, so I popped in for a chiropractic massage. The lovely Marta was extremely knowledgeable and told me that I was very knotty girl indeed! She also wouldn't let me leave until she had worked out every single one, so despite only paying for an hour, she generously kept going for nearly an hour and a half! Great value, great service and I now feel like I'm competition ready again: bring on the wedding.

Wee Bird Recommends

Wee Bird has banged the drum about how delighted Wee are that the Kelvingrove Bandstand has been renovated. It was a great hub during the Games but last night kicked off a series of outdoor concerts as part of The Magners Summer Nights Festival and some tickets are still available. Summer loving will have you having a blast!