RESIDENTS in Dalmarnock have had to put with more than most in preparation for the Commonwealth Games.

Hopefully their community will also benefit more than most with new facilities, improved transport links and the opportunity to attract investment and create much needed new jobs.

However, they have had to put up with the restrictions on traffic and the high security fences around the athletes village and venues before, during and now after the games.

Obviously there was a necessity to have the measures in place before the Games begun, but now they are over it seems reasonable for the people to want to get life back to normal as soon as possible.

There is of course work taking place before venues are handed back and work before the Athletes Village is returned by the Games.

But, if there is an opportunity to accelerate this work in recognition of the years of disruption and inconvenience residents have put up with, then it should be taken.

Having the Athletes Village and three major venues in a traditional residential area was unusual for the Games and presented many challenges.

Now its over, it is right people want to return to normal and begin to see the benefits the Games will undoubtedly bring to the east end and Glasgow as a whole.