This turning 30 malarkey is brilliant. Cashed in my birthday prezzie from my best mate Claire to go on a Segway adventure in Loch Lomond.

I met Claire and Gill in a cafe in Shawlands for lunch before our day out. The rain was chucking it down but we had high hopes it would brighten up.

Claire drove us to our destination at Loch Lomond Shores - but the rain was still coming down. As we headed over to the beach it did seem to ease slightly and when we approached the guys we were apprehensive if it would still go ahead. None of us have used a segway before, and I had heard balance is of great importance and the rain could either add or dampen the whole experience. However we were welcomed over, signed the legal stuff, helmets on and of course we took time for a quick selfie. Then Robbie, our guide for the day, showed us to the Segway's.

He showed us a demonstration and he talked us through the random machine. Then it was our turn, who gives it a go first? Of course, I was shoved forward. So a Segway has no power as such it's all based on your balance and you control the speed and direction by how much balance you place in your feet, to go forward you shift weight to your toes or to go backwards altering your balance to your heels. There is a handle bar for steering. That's it and away you go! I was actually pretty impressed with myself, even more so when the girls did their test run.

We all had our Segway's and we headed to another wee practice area so we could enjoy or get used to going down and uphill - again it's all in the balance. A lucky fall for Gill it wasn't major and she recovered well. Claire did a one legged incredible wobble but managed to stay aboard. Mightily impressed. I was loving it, I seemed to have got the knack pretty quickly...or so I thought.

We had been zooming about Lomond shores past the farmers markets, the shoppers, the excellent duet buskers singing with kazoo and tambourines no less, then past the shops to another off road area. Here it got serious, the speed restrictors come off! The difference was noted, it was ace. You felt like you'd accomplished something, we were good enough to go fast. And when I say fast they go up to 12.5mph! You read that correctly. Speed demons we were.

Ok not quite but it felt pretty fast, the rain hadn't let up so we were pretty sodden by this point but it was all part of the fun. I think it did make the course a tad trickier as it was a bit slippy under the two wheels. Nevertheless we crossed the beach and went up a hill and then into a woodland track.

So by this point I'm rather chuffed with my 'Segway ability' probably got a little bit cocky, or maybe it's my inner adrenaline junkie. Robbie headed down a muddy path and it was steep for Segways I'd imagine, I was going far too fast for my own good and before I had processed it I was super-manning over the Segway and into a thorn bush. Soft landing if not a bit prickly. Gill who was behind me said it was impressive, Claire managed to catch the sight of me veering into the wilderness. Robbie rushed back to see if I was ok stating that it was the sound of the Segway that alerted him to the problem. Well, If you are going to fall you do it in style. I had managed to scratch my face in a few places on the thorns and my hands scuffed, but the ego was bruised the most. I'm still shaking my head yet chuckling at the same time. It was hilarious. Once the girls knew I was OK, the laughs didn't stop. Nothing beats a good fall to lift the spirits, shame I was the fallen one. So embarrassing. But such is life. I dusted myself off, poohoo'd the need for the first aid kit and back on the horse. Or Segway in this case and took on that wee hill again to recover some dignity! Managed it no problems the second attempt and the rest of the course was a doddle, although I might have been a tad slower from that point on. Although I did particularly like the speed bumps!

So we returned to base. Our adventure was over. It was fantastic! I would highly recommend it, despite my fall, entirely my doing not the Segway! It was a bit different and made for a fun afternoon. We stepped off our Segway's and the rain stopped and the sun came out. Typical, but it certainly did not take away from our day. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you Claire for my present, thanks to Robbie and 'can you experience' for the day, and thanks to Claire and Gill for accompanying me and for the laughs we had completing number 18.