I'm a bit fed up this week. I know that a lot of parents are hanging the flags out but for me the schools going back tomorrow signals the end of the summer holidays.

The start of the new school term, the school run, after-school clubs, parent council meetings it all begins again. For all those experiencing their first day at school or first day at the big school, good luck. Special mention goes to their parents who are usually more wound up than the children.

Happy Campers

Tommy and I went to the Belladrum Music Festival in Inverness on Saturday. It was very enjoyable. The weather was fantastic that day and the sight of all the different coloured tents and tee-pees as we entered the ground was magnificent. Walking around the festival we were treated to the smell of food stalls permeating the air and the trendy outfits, and wonderful costumes worn by many of the 17,000 revellers were stunning. We noticed lots of families with young children all having a good time. The organiser Joe graciously gave us passes for the after-show party which was being held in the champagne tent. Now this is usually right up my street but unfortunately it didn't start until 11.30pm by which time the old man and I were firmly tucked up in our nice comfy hotel bed and the only partying we were doing was in our dreams.

It wasn't only Belladrum that had its fair share of campers this weekend. Dunstan Hill in Northumberland played host to my intrepid sister-in- law Lynn who was brave enough to take Gabrielle on her first camping experience. They both survived it along with all the teddies, Barbie dolls, Monster high dolls and various other paraphernalia that a nine-year-old deems essential. Well done Lynn.

40 days and 40 nights

As we head into the last few weeks of campaigning for the referendum Tommy is on fire. He has already addressed 72 meetings across Scotland and spoken to 13,000 people who have attended, including 400 at a tremendous meeting in Wishaw on Friday night. He has 30 meetings left with Stranraer tonight and Cowdenbeath tomorrow night before speaking at Glasgow Green on Saturday afternoon. His Kirkcaldy speech in January this year has went viral and been viewed by over 140,000 people. I have accompanied him through many campaigns were he has been inspiring to listen to but never more so than this particular subject. Even although I have heard his pro-independence speech countless times I am consistently invigorated. Many people who attend these meeting are undecided voters and not particular fans of Tommy but they all agree on his commitment and ability to explain the important issues and tackle the questions that we want answered. Nearly every meeting is mobbed and to be honest I can't wait until it's over and my wee girl and I can have him to ourselves but until then we'll tag along and encourage anyone who hasn't heard him to do the same.