AS thousands of Glasgow youngsters today head to school for the first time they should do so with real hope for the future.

For decades the city's educational attainment has been less than satisfactory ... and for a lot of reasons beyond the school walls including poverty, health and employment issues.

However, the past decade has seen unprecedented investment in the fabric of the buildings pupils use.

A focus on achievement also means youngsters can start the best years of their lives with realistic and challenging aspirations.

Yes, Glasgow still has much to do. Too many youngsters leave school without the basic tools to allow them to chase down jobs.

And, undoubtedly more has to be done to ensure those from disadvantaged backgrounds aren't left behind.

But, the fact that Glasgow has continued to invest in nurture classes for the most vulnerable children gives, even those youngsters, hope for the future.

More support must still be given to teachers and parents alike to allow them to provide the best opportunities for the future.

What better return could a city have for investing in schools and education, than the creation of a generaton of hope which goes on to deliver on its promise. Good luck to every new start in the city. Make us and yourselves proud.