1 To Have and Have Not:

Her first film, the first of four with husband Humphrey Bogart.

2 The Big Sleep: Based on a Raymond Chandler book, it featured Bogart as a private eye.

3 Key Largo: Classic movie featuring Bacall, Bogart and Edward G Robinson.

4 How to Marry a Millionaire: A rom-com where Bacall played a gold-digger alongside Betty Grable and Marilyn Monroe.

5 Murder on the Orient Express: A murder mystery, also starring Albert Finney, Ingrid Bergman and Sean Connery.

6 The Shootist: She played a Wild West landlady in John Wayne's last film.

7 Dark Passage: The least known of her movies with Bogart, it tells of his life after escaping prison.

8 The Mirror has Two Faces: Bacall won Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her 1996 role as Barbra Streisand's mother.

9 North West Frontier: Adventure set in India, with Kenneth More.

10 Young Man With a Horn: Bacall and Doris Day provide the love interest for Kirk Douglas.