THE number of speeding fines handed out to motorists on Glasgow roads is a serious concern.

Speed limits are set for a very good reason - it is the maximum speed deemed safe to travel for that particular stretch of road.

If everyone is being honest, those who break the speed limit would number many more than the 7000 who have been caught, but this behavious is dangerous and is never acceptable.

For every mile above the limit the risk of serious injury or death to someone is increased, so the dangers are obvious.

In built-up areas like Glasgow where there are more pedestrians crossing the road and more cars and bikes on the road, the possibility of speeding leading to a serious accident is even greater.

Fatal and serious road accidents have been significantly reduced in recent years, but there are still too many deaths which are avoidable.

Sticking to the speed limit is one way to reduce that total, and whether you think the limit is appropriate for the road you are on is irrelevant.

The message to motorists has to be, keep to the limit and, in built-up areas with housing and schools reduce it even further. A speed limit is just that. It is not a target to be aimed for.

Then we can have fewer deaths, fewer injuries and fewer fines.