DURING the Commonwealth Games, Glasgow proved it was a big city with big ideas and the ability to pull off big events.

One of the many successes during the Games were the road events, with two cycling races and a marathon through the streets attracting thousands of spectators even in a torrential downpour.

Glasgow has also, over recent years, hosted successful mass- participation running events with the Great Scottish Run and the Women's 10k two of the biggest in the Scottish running calendar.

The campaign to have the Glasgow marathon re-instated is one which is worth investigating further to see if it is viable.

Other places have marathons attracting runners and spectators and it's not just the global cities like London, Paris and New York.

Edinburgh and Manchester are among the UK cities with their own marathon, and the return of the race in Glasgow would be popular among runners.

Of course there are costs, road closures and disruption to consider but if it's is possible there would be benefits for the city.

With more people getting fit to take up the challenge, more people travelling here to participate and spectate, the health and economic benefits are clear to see.

It has to worth looking at.