GLASGOW, like all modern cities, needs a vibrant mix of businesses in a range of sectors and of varying size if it is to succeed.

The importance of new companies is crucial in creating jobs, developing ideas and providing additional income for the city.

The number of new businesses that fail to survive their first few years has become accepted as a commercial fact of life, but that doesn't need to be the case, especially for those which have been transferred from one owner to another.

The Glasgow Business Transfer Loan Fund can help provide the support necessary to ensure fledgling firms get through the difficult years.

As well as the jobs at stake, the amount of money lost in taxes when businesss fail is staggering and for the initial modest investment from the council, the rewards can be huge.

Not all business transfers will be successful and some will fail for a variety of reasons.

However, the more support that is available, the greater their chances will be.

The benefit of this scheme is if the businesses survive, there is more money in the economy and more to spend on services.

Let's wish it success.