1 Alexander Fleming:

The man from a farm near Darvel in Ayrshire changed the world by discovering penicillin.

2 James Clerk Maxwell: His work on thermodynamics and electromagnetism puts him in the same league as Newton and Einstein.

3 James Watt: The engineer's improvements to the steam engine contributed to the Industrial Revolution.

4 John Napier: Mathematician known for the invention of logarithms.

5 James 'Paraffin' Young: He made his fortune by distilling paraffin oil and wax.

6 William Thomson, Lord Kelvin:

He developed the Kelvin Scale for measuring absolute temperature.

7 Joseph Black:

Chemist who was the first person to isolate pure carbon dioxide.

8 Robert Brown:

Botanist who discovered the random motion of particles suspended in a fluid.

9 James Dewar: A physicist best known for his invention of the vacuum flask.

10 James Hutton:

The father of modern geology freed scientific thinking from religious dogma.