This week, one afternoon at the museum, Cafezique poaches best breakfast title and a little Yelp with my friends.

Kelvingrove Museum

Kelvingrove Museum: the cultural castle which looms over our city, resplendent in red. The building might look like something out of Harry Potter, but the real magic is inside. So, this week, I was delighted to have been caught in a sudden Glasgow down pour and to disappear through it's Edwardian doors for a bit of creative sanctuary.

It was built for purpose at the beginning of last century to house both an art collection and an industrial museum. Perhaps an unusual pairing, but one that perfectly matches the glamour and grit of Glasgow. And this eclecticism lives on, through its stuffed elephants and the funny faces of the floating heads installation. In fact, the place is jam-packed with a whopping 8,000 different artefacts and 22 collections. Living round the corner, I pop in when I can and never fail to be surprised by finding something new. The place has so many different faces.

From art to history to nature to sketching artists (a favourite moving exhibit of mine!), I guess it's not surprising that it's such a favourite with visitors and locals. In my opinion it beats even the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. All this on our doorstep, and it's free! Much cheaper than an umbrella… and so much better for the soul!


Walking into Cafezique you're transported to perfect Sunday mornings, freshly squeezed orange juice, perusing the papers and full breakfasts. I used to go frequently for an end of the week pick me up, but haven't had the lazy luxury for quite a while.

I have always loved the the over-easy vibe of Cafezique, however, when I used to go regularly, there were often a few cracks in both the service and, occasionally, the eggy breakfast fare. The dishes were variable, as were the prices which sometimes felt like they had been plucked out of the air.

However, in the last six months, perhaps as a result of competitive new places like the Hyndland Fox opening nearby, Cafezique has had a word with itself. The food - I had the full Scottish Breakfast - the coffee and the extras were faultless. They've sorted out their menu, adding new dishes and rounding off rough corners. The service has been smoothed too, much less scrambled and more sunny side up.

I know it does lunch and dinner too but, for me, Cafezique, is all about breakfast. So, if you're going to make a meal of it, there is no better place in Glasgow to go than this fine foodery on Hyndland Street. It was good before, now it is simply unbeatable.

Yelp's 10th Birthday

I'm a curious Cat, it's one of the reasons I set up A Wee Bird Told Me… Glasgow. I'm passionate about all the great stuff our city has to offer and wanted to create a local platform to share it. The first thing most of us do when considering a new restaurant, bar or calling out a handyman is flex our (now incredibly strong) index finger and type in 'reviews'.

One of the first sites to adopt user generated content (and a complicated algorithm) to chart out tastes was Trip Advisor, since it first packed its HTML and travelled onto the world wide web back in 2000. Following the leader, San Francisco based Yelp set up shop online in 2004, under the premise of supporting local businesses, sharing reviews and giving a forum for 'Yelpers' to chat.

So, this year is Yelp's 10th Birthday and to celebrate there are events going on in cities across the world. I was invited along to the Glasgow Yelping at Wild Cabaret, Merchant City, to tuck into food, live music and share in the awards that were being given out as part of the event. There were many winners on the night, both for those that Yelp out and local business. CEOG favourite Burger Meats Bun was a double winner, taking home Best Burger and Most Photographed Restaurant. And that's certainly something to Yelp about!

Wee Bird Recommends

If you've got the winter blues after the thermostat dipped this week, Wee recommends popping a bit of colour back into your summer at the Holi One Festival in Victoria Park. This Saturday - from midday till 10pm - there'll be an explosion of colour, fun and music. The idea is to arrive in white, but you won't stay Daz for long! Tickets are currently still available online.