Victoria's nightclub on Sauchiehall Street is an iconic venue in Glasgow City Centre.

I frequented it in the 80s and all through the 90s. In 2000, I held one of my hen nights there and the then owner Jim Mortimer treated myself and 40 of my friends to a champagne reception in the piano bar.

It is always fondly remembered by my age group as the nightclub where all the football players hung around and they did. In those days it was quite swanky but not that you would feel intimidated. Perhaps that was Victoria's appeal and part of the reason why it survives to this day.

Now why am I rabbiting on about 'goin up the dancin'? Tommy was looking for a city centre venue in Glasgow to accommodate the final night of his #HopeOverFear #YES4Freedom Independence Tour on September 16 so he and I toured some of the places which had been suggested by various pals.

They were all great but most lacked the capacity needed and then Vicky's was mentioned. No need for me to check out this establishment. Since I will be chairing this last Independence rally of his it was safe to say that it was booked. That night will be electric. The crowd will be full of fervour and anticipation and hopefully I'll be full of a few wee glasses of bubbly afterwards, just to celebrate old times of course.

My busy week

Today I'm meeting up with my two auld pals, Joe and David. I've mentioned them before in this column. We all went to school together. The last time we went out I suffered for two days. My close friend Angie says I'm too old to party. She would know since she turned the big 50 yesterday. However I've decided that I will have to pace it out this week as I have a few indyref meetings, a MacMillan charity lunch with my British Airways colleagues, an overnight trip to Craigdarroch hotel in Moniave, Dumfries and, believe it or not, a Mods night! Fir Park in Motherwell is the venue for the 'Mods For Independence' night on Saturday. I'm decking his nibs out in a Fred Perry, straight leg troosers and a 'Parka' to cover his face. We will try and hire a scooter to get there.

James Foley murder

My habitual rants about the negative and anti-social features of Facebook and Twitter are, I'm quite sure, falling on deaf ears. However last week I did notice dissent in the ranks on the subject. The brutal slaying of the American journalist James Foley was barbaric and senseless. The screening of it on social media was outrageous. The watching of it just plain sick. I know many will defend these social media outlets with reasonable and well founded arguments but let's never allow them to be seen as wholly positive. Being used to circulate such horrific images and consuming the life of far too many people, youngsters in particular, are definitely two of the negative sides which should never be overlooked. Like most things in life the social media should be used in moderation not as a substitute for social interaction and real friendships.