FOR the last three years the Evening Times Streets Ahead campaign has inspired people and been inspired by the work people are doing.

From community clean-ups to garden and building projects, the campaign has seen improvements being made across the city at a local level.

The success of the campaign and the commitment from ordinary people has seen it continue for a fourth year with the support of our five partners, all major organisations with an interest in strong communities.

Clean Glasgow, City Charitable Trust, Glasgow Housing Association, ScotRail and Scottish Fire and Rescue all contribute to provide the expertise and financial support to projects in the city.

We want to hear from you if you have a plan to improve your part of the city and we are looking for more Street Champions to help co-ordinate events in their community, adding to the network built up over previous years.

We know there are dedicated citizens out there working hard to make the city a better and brighter place to live in and we want to help.

With the support of our partners and the enthusiasm of the people we can all work together towards a common aim of a better Glasgow.

Together we can improve our great city street by street.