I'VE heard fellow dads moan in the past about the tantrums their kids often have.

I thought that must just have been an exaggeration and would never be something I would have to endure.

How wrong I was! A mixture of teething and catching a cold has added a new dimension to Sophia's tantrums this week.

I doubt I'll ever learn my lesson that it's probably best not to try and get my car keys out of little buddha's hands when she feels like playing with them.

All hell breaks loose when I make this schoolboy error.

Another item I need to learn not to grab back straight away is my smart phone. No matter how much I try to hide it from her, she'll find it.

Even though Sophia has a quirky life-like toy smartphone, she's not daft and would rather take dad's phone as it's more expensive to break.

Sophia's mum has already had to quickly cancel calls to family and work colleagues when our quick-fingered daughter grabs hold of the gadget and makes her way to the phonebook.

We have also felt the wrath of Sophia when she decided to try and play about with grandad's iPad with her sticky fingers after dinner.

His smile quickly left his face when he saw his Christmas present being man-handled by our 13-month-old!

And of course, screams followed when he tried to take it back!

Another recent new arrival for tantrums is rolling about on the floor.

This often happens when we close the kitchen door, keeping her out of obvious dangers.

However, dangerous objects and cat biscuits are more fun and Sophia shows her frustration by banging on the door to get in.

Our cat looks on in a state of confusion as Sophia has a hissy-fit when she realises her behaviour is getting her nowhere.

No doubt little madam will have plenty more tantrums as time goes on... time to look out the earplugs.

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