1 Walk The Line:

Joaquin Phoenix gave a memorable performance as folk singer Johnny Cash.

2 The Aviator: Leonardo DiCaprio starred as pioneering aviator Howard Hughes.

3 Raging Bull: Robert De Niro portrayed the troubled boxer Jake LaMotta.

4 Beyond The Sea: Kevin Spacey was polished in the biopic of singer Bobby Darin.

5 The Elephant Man: Incredible performance by John Hurt as the 'Elephant Man' John Merrick

6 The Last King of Scotland: Forest Whitaker starred as Ugandan dictator Idi Amin.

7 A Beautiful Mind: One of Russell Crowe's best performances as mathematician John Nash.

8 What's Love Got To Do Without It: Angela Bassett in a memorable performance as Tina Turner.

9 The Hurricane: Denzel Washington played Rubin Carter, a boxer wrongly convicted of murder.

10 Braveheart: Mel Gibson stirred every red-blooded Scot as independence fighter William Wallace.