FOR decades cancer deaths in Glasgow have been far too high, leading to a premature death for too many people.

We are seeing signs of improvement and, as well as changes in lifestyle and a reduction in smoking rates to prevent the disease, the best thing people can do is get checked as soon as any possible symptoms are noticed.

The detect cancer early campaign has been a success and as our report today shows has saved lives that otherwise could have been added to the statistics.

The adverts may be hard hitting and graphic. but if that is what gets people's attention and leads to action, then that is what has to be done.

The 11% increase in early diagnosis is encouraging and gives people a far greater chance of survival by allowing doctors to begin treatment as soon as possible.

Alex Neil, the health secretary, has hit the nail on the head with the message behind the campaign.

Cancer is no longer a taboo subject and doesn't need to be something to be feared if we are prepared to look for the signs.

He and the celebrities who backed the campaign said don't get scared, get checked.

It could well be the sort of good advice that saves your life, and is well worth heeding.