THE reports over the last few years have all been heading in the same direction.

Children are spending too much time indoors, in front of televisions or computer games, and not enough outside taking part in physical activity, sport and exercise.

At the same time, we have had the warnings of an obesity epidemic and the health dangers that inactive and overweight children are storing up for the future.

Glasgow has just hosted what was widely regarded as the best Commonwealth Games ever, and hopes are high that the city's young people will be inspired to take up sport.

There are, of course, far more activities available to this generation of children than those of their parents and grandparents, but the benefits of a healthy active lifestyle cannot be disputed.

The Evening Times has championed efforts to improve health with our successful Glas-goals campaign and now our Active 2014 campaign and we will continue to do so.

It is the responsibility of every parent, school, local authority and government to help get kids interested in sport and exercise, whether it is organised or not, and to ensure there are adequate, affordable and safe facilities to allow them to do so.