Who are you?

Stephen Ross - Owner of beardybeardy Grooming co.

What does your business do?

We are a barbershop running for just over a year and we also have an online side to the business selling grooming products. It is starting to grow quickly now and in December/January we are looking to launch a range of new products too.

Where are you based?

We are based in Kilmacolm which is around 20 minutes from Glasgow.

How did you get started?

My friend, Antony Bonatti, and I started beardybeardy two years. Initially, we started it as an online retailer selling beard oil to look after all those wonderful beards out. I had been a hair stylist since I was a teenager but over the past few years I transitioned across to barbering, which is so much more fun…it doesn’t feel like a job for most of the time! With the online business growing alongside the beardy trend I thought why not open a barbershop and continue to grow the name and that’s exactly what I did.

What is your background?

I trained as a hair stylist over ten years ago and then worked in a few salons in Scotland as well as some freelance work in London and in the United States.

What is your top tip?

For us as barbers, it’s easy. Give great customer service to everyone and do a top job every time you cut. For the online side of things…Offer an awesome and useful product and back it up with great customer service.

How long has your business been running?

The online side of beardbeardy is 2 years old and the barbershop is just over 1 year now.

Has anyone helped you get started and how?

Antony and I just went for it to be honest. The shop would not have happened without the help from my amazing parents Donald and June Ross.

What was your biggest mistake/or what would you do differently?

I’m really pretty happy with the decisions I have made so far. I’d have liked a bigger shop but wouldn’t say it was a mistake.

Who was/is your mentor/or inspiration?

Without doubt my Dad, Donald Ross. He’s an incredible Father figure and business man. Wouldn’t be here without him ;)

Where do you plan that your business will be in five years’ time?

The plan is to have multiple locations around Scotland and supplying more products like our beard oil around the world. We currently sell worldwide but we’ll have more products soon.

Contact details: info@beardybeardy.com, www.beardybeardy.com , 07538680825.