I expected a flash mob to break out from the benches at Holyrood yesterday during First Minister’s Questions.
As Nicola Sturgeon tore apart Ruth Davidson’s stance on the tax credits rape clause, branding her and the Tory Party “utterly shameful”, behind her cries of shame, shame, shame!” rang out.
It wasn’t just the SNP. Labour MSPs, with Kezia Dugdale applauding the First Minister as she delivered the dressing down, also joined the condemnation of the Conservatives.
I had visions of them leaving their seats and falling in behind Nicola Sturgeon for a rendition of the Shirley & Company 1970s disco classic, Shame on You. 
Shame, shame, shame, shame shaaame. Shame on You! The First Minister would point and sing as the MSPs swayed and hand clapped behind her.
It is a serious point the First Minister is making however, merely pointing out the heartless, cold and calculating way the UK Government is going about its business as it seeks to cut the social security budget.
Ruth Davidson can’t defend the policy so has to resort to her weak ‘if you don’t like it change it in Scotland’ response.
And the Tories in Scotland have got themselves into an almighty mess, taking hits for a policy imposed by ministers at Westminster.
Jackson Carlaw, Ruth Davidson’s deputy leader, took the shovel from Ruth’s hands and started to dig even deeper.
In a radio interview he claimed that women do not need to fill out an eight page form to prove they have had a child as a result of rape.
They do. I’ve seen such a form, from HM Revenue and Customs.
Unlike that phenomenon we were once promised, compassionate Conservatism, the rape clause form does exist.
Not only does it require women to state and sign a declaration they had a child as a result of “non-consensual conception” it goes further exposing the discriminatory and ill-thought out nature of the policy.
They must also declare they are not living with the child’s father.
So if you are a woman living with an abusive, dominating and controlling partner and have given birth to a third child as a result of being forced into sex against your will, i.e. rape for those at HMRC who couldn’t use the word on the form.
The policy is unfair and insensitive at best but more accurately, as the First Minister said, it is “abhorrent”.
Some woman for whatever reason may not have felt able to tell anyone they have been raped. Now they have to state in in a form to be read by an admin worker at the government.
Mr Carlaw in denying the need to fill out a form, said:  They simply have to declare to their GP or another health professional.”
“Simply” he said, as though you are telling your boss you are late for work because the train broke down.
We heard during the 2016 Holyrood election the new breed of Scottish Tories are not like the stereotype you see in the UK media.
Well opposing this policy was an opportunity to prove it, and it has not been taken.