It really has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous this week. It all started off so well when I woke up on Monday morning watching clips of my idol, Celine Dion.

She was wowing the crowd of celebrities and music industry types with her rendition of the Bee Gees hit Immortality at the Grammy Awards Special celebrating the career of the famous high pitched brothers.

Now I know Celine isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I utterly adore the woman and I’m literally counting down the days until I see her perform live at the SSE Hydro in August which reminds me I need to get the I love Celine t-shirts organised for our entire group to wear that evening. Picture that if you will.

Then I’m afraid things took a bit of a nose dive on Tuesday firstly with the alleged news that teeny tiny pop princess Kylie was in fact dating a real life prince in the form of 52-year-old Andrew which nearly made me drop my bacon roll. Although not quite thankfully as I was particularly hungry that morning after a few sociable vinos with the girls the night before.

I mean I don’t want to be pass remarkable but if it turns out indeed to be true then it’s just a no from me. I’m still holding out for a real life Kylie and Jason romance again ending with them walking down the aisle to Angry Anderson’s Suddenly and yes Kylie would be in a dress with puff sleeves circa 1988.

However just when I thought Tuesday couldn’t get any worse, Theresa May came marching out of No 10 to announce to the world that once again the people of the United Kingdom (that’s a laugh) were being dragged backed to the polls for what feels like the 34th billion time in the past thee years for her snap general election.

This came even after she publicly stated in September last year that a snap election was absolutely not on her agenda. It’s not really a massive shock though if the recent polls are anything to go by as she must be pretty confident she’ll walk the election on June 8 securing another majority for the Tories which will of course ensure that she can power on with her hard Brexit negotiations with nothing or no one standing in her way or will it?

Now, I know you’ll think I’m mad but I think this is a risky move from the Prime Minister. I know what the polls are saying but polls can be wrong as we all know and Brexit only won with the smallest of margins, 51.9 to 48.1 in favour of leaving the EU.

You only have to look at America to see how wrong election campaigns can go and with the Prime Minister refusing to do any live televised debates she’s leaving herself in a very isolated spot, far away from her voters and supporters.

It’s 2017, live television debates and social media are used extensively by voters trying to make up their minds and therefore are vitally important as there will be so many people in this country right now who have no idea who to vote for.

Could you imagine if the Conservatives lost? As unlikely as it is, it still could happen. What kind of coalition government would we have, who would make up the numbers, and most importantly would it be a coin toss or best of three of rock, paper, scissors to see who gets to live in No 10?

Seriously though, the general consensus among the people of the UK is simply “Oh no, here we go again.” Most people are politically drained although I find it rather amusing that Mrs May said only last month that now was not the time for a second Scottish referendum but now is absolutely the time for a snap general election.

The next 50 days or so will prove extremely interesting to say the least and once again social media sites will become our online House of Commons with everyone and their grannies becoming political analysts and experts over night. Oh I can’t wait.

The shock news of the snap general election was however temporarily moved off the top spot for No 1 news when a video surfaced online on of a woman administering CPR to a dead pigeon in Glasgow on Wednesday. I’ll just leave that there and let it sink in but yes you’re not losing your mind, I did just say that a woman in Glasgow was filmed giving CPR to a dead pigeon. What a week.