Horrific actions

ARTICLES on the death of Moors Murderer Ian Brady gives the impression that Myra Hindley was someone who was manipulated by a Svengali and in some way was of a lesser evil.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The well meaning but wholly deluded Lord Longford campaigned for Hindley’s release, thankfully without success. only to find subsequent to her death that she ridiculed him as gullible in her diaries and mocked his ‘do gooding’, she in fact was manipulating him.

The word ‘monster’ is not strong enough to describe Brady but he gave an honest assessment to Longford of his equally monstrous accomplice.

Perhaps it’s sexist but it somehow strikes me as even more evil that a woman would take part willingly in their depraved and utterly horrific actions against young children.

My condolences to the Bennett family in having to cope with this horror and at the same time knowing now that they will never know young Keith’s resting place.

Hope however this brings some closure and peace to them.

Hindley and Brady should have been hung fifty years ago, there isn’t a shadow of doubt in my mind about that.

Posted online by Campbell Johnston

Good intentions

THE only solution to the so-called rape clause would be a rigid ban on welfare payments for all but the first two children of any family.

The clause was only put there to protect rape victims.

It would appear this has been twisted to suit political agendas by the Labour and SNP parties.

What started with good intentions by the Conservatives is now being used to demonise them.

A small country like Scotland cannot possibly continue to pay welfare to large families and paying for the first two is perfectly reasonable.

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Honour the deal

REGARDING the college lecturers dispute, if college managers would stop spinning fake news about 9% pay rises and just honour the deal they signed last year this dispute would be solved today.

Posted online by Charlie Montgomery

Place of peace

EVERY time I drive past Queens Park, I think of Moira Jones.

She sounds like she was a beautiful woman, and her family seem amazing and so tight-knit.

I wish them all the best in reaching a place of peace.

Posted online by Lizzie F