Bottom of the heap

REGARDING plans to set up a tenant’s union in Glasgow in light of the Grenfell disaster.

I spent a lot of my working life in the north of the city where the population was mainly in council housing.

I never once saw anyone out with a lawnmower except perhaps the council workers.

Closes generally were manky. Never saw a tenant with a brush in their hand.

Most of them were never away from the housing offices making issues about the housing. Most had their rent paid for.

I don’t fancy that kind of lifestyle but very few got of their rear end to do anything positive.

You will always get folk who cannot buy their own place and are dependant of the state to give them a house.

They think they should be the top priority but they should waken up and face reality.They are the bottom of the heap and always will be.”

Johnny Mack, Glasgow

No great loss

IF all the job centres got closed down, it would be no great loss.

Never met anybody who got a job from a job centre. More like sanction centres.

Time for minimum income anyway.

We will always have the genuine carers and disabled. No point in punishing them by forcing the job centre on them, lets just give them the money. They deserve dignity. As for the bone idle, they don’t want a job and no employer would want them anyway. Again just give them what they already get. It will be cheaper than keeping the job centre open for them. We need a new method of encouraging people to make a contribution to society. Especially for the young, so it is expected of them not just to take but to give

Carol Daly, Glasgow.


REGARDING the news that a bank partly owned by Dermot Desmond has been fined for tax evasion.

The rich are all at it. We mortals pay our taxes and most struggle from day to day and they have been getting away with it for decades.

The money in football is crazy but you can bet everyone of them has an advisor who uses tax loopholes which is basically tax evasion.

How do you think people like Desmond and Murray got so rich? I hope they all get what they deserve.

Jack Arthur, Glasgow