Moving house can be an extremely emotional experience or so I discovered this week. My sister Lynsey and her husband Tony decided that after 13 years in their gorgeous flat in Glasgow's South Side, they wanted to move back home to the East End and buy a house with a lovely big garden to sit out and enjoy the three glorious days of summer we Scots are lucky enough to experience each year.

The decision to sell up has been emotional for all the family because it was Lynsey and Tony's first home together and the memories we’ve all had and shared in that flat have been some of the best in our lives. I was living down in London when they bought the flat back in 2004 but for our three younger sisters this was simply the most amazing thing to have ever happened in the history of the whole world.

To have a big sister with her very own “party flat” as they liked to call it, well, they were the envy of all their pals at school which is the only thing a teenager ever truly strives for right? As the eldest, I was the first to move out of our family home when I was just 20-years-old but I had always lived with two or three friends and my sisters were still young at the time so coming over for a weekend of madness wasn't really an option. By the time Lynsey had moved out they were all rip raring to go, bottle of Lambrini in hand and a pack of square sausage and a dozen Mortons rolls for the morning after.

We had so many amazing times in that little home, Halloween parties, Christmas celebrations, engagements and graduations to name but a few. We were actually all there, in the flat, the morning our little nephew was born. We jumped up and down, screaming and crying when my brother in law phoned us to deliver the good news. Thankfully, the neighbours below were very understanding.

On Wednesday night we all gathered together as a family to help my sister and brother in law with the last of the packing and moving before ordering pizza and sitting in the empty living room for one last time, laughing and reminiscing about all the wonderful moments we’d shared between the four walls around us.

Today we hand the keys over to the new owners. When the flat went up for sale in May it only lasted less than a week before another lovely young couple snapped it up to start their lives together in it, making brand new memories for their friends and family.

All I can say is, I hope you experience the happiness in your new home as we all did. These rooms were filled with nothing but love and laughter for 13 years and it was such a good home to my sister and brother in law. Goodbye wee house and thank you for giving us such a happy home.

My darling friend and First Lady of Glasgow toon, May Miller, is bringing her sell out rave review One Woman Show back to the East Kilbride Arts Centre in September for three nights. The show is called Marvellous and it's a look back at May's incredible 30 year career alongside her multi talented husband Robert and her childhood growing up in Glasgow in the 1950’s.

May is the very definition of the word icon, from selling out the SECC as it was then, to raising hundreds of thousands of pounds for charity, this woman really has done it all.

Performing on stage and TV and with her unwavering dedication to the LGBTIQ community, this show has everything you could want for a great night out from May's hilarious stories to her powerhouse singing. Trust me, you’ll love it so make sure you don't miss out. The show runs from the September 12 to 14. For more information you can call the box office on 01355261000 or log onto