Being part of a large group of friends, it’s inevitable that at some point someone will need support, whether it’s with a family issue, a bereavement, or a romantic disaster.

For a long time now, one of the group, (for the sake of privacy I will call her Tracey), has been going through a very tearful and depressing time.

You see, her boyfriend of numerous years unexpectedly dumped her and, as time passed, instead of getting better, she was getting worse, and completely unable to pull herself out of the miserable situation she found herself in.

Regardless of the never ending supply of friendly advice, Tracey was still in a dejected frame of mind and could see no light at the end of the tunnel.

Being a good friend, I decided to try a new approach.

Sifting through piles of books in a bargain book shop I came across one called “I Can Mend Your broken Heart,’ by the hypnotist Paul McKenna.

It promised to give the reader help to ‘understand emotional healing’ and ‘eliminate destructive emotional patterns.’

And, as luck would have it, it came with an accompanying hypnotherapy CD.

‘This might just be the very thing that does the trick for Tracey,” I surmised.

Sitting at my desk I text her.

“Hi T, hope I’m not being pushy as I’m only trying to help, but I reckon you need to take a different approach to your situation.”

I was feeling quite chuffed with myself as I added “So I have left something for you on my front door steps x.”

After a while she replied.

“Thanks pal. I am intrigued. What is it x?”

“Too long to discuss by text,” I explained.

“Just make sure you pick it up today in case it starts raining.”

A few hours later I got a text from my appreciative pal.

“Thanks Janice. That is so thoughtful of you. I will start reading the book tonight.”

“Anything is worth a try. Let me know how you get on,” I added.

A wee while later I got another text.

“Hi pal, I’ve just noticed there’s a CD in the bag. Are you sure it’s meant for me too?”

“Yes, it is,” I assured her.

“It comes with the book.”

“Are you sure?”

“Trust me. Just listen to it.”

“I might just read the book,” she replied.

I was getting a little irate at my pals reluctance to listen to the CD.

After all, I had made effort to help her and she didn’t seem keen to even listen to the blinking thing.

“Perhaps part of the problem Tracey is that you’re not willing to try new things and that’s why you’re not moving on with your life,” I scolded her by text.

“Listening to a CD can only benefit you and can’t make you feel any worse than you already do, can it?”

Tracey didn’t reply and I wondered if perhaps I had been a little too harsh.

“I’ll call you later tonight. Hope you’re OK. Janice x,” I texted.

Instantly on answering the phone I noted that my pal had been blubbering.

“You OK Tracey?” I was frightened to ask.

“Sorry Janice,” ahe snivelled.

“But track one got to me right away.”

“Track one?”

I wasn’t sure what she meant because I had listened to the CD and it ran from start to finish without stopping.

“Yep, I know you think I’m holding on to the past,” she snorted.

“And I tried my best not to bubble but……” she snorted again.

“Track one was one of our favourites.”


“Yes, and track four took me right back to our first Valentine’s dinner.”

“Tracey what……?”

“Tonight I Celebrate My Love for You," she began warbling the old favourite.

“You know the song Janice.”

I did, but had no clue what she was ranting on about.

“But Tracey…..”

“And track six.” Sniff. Sniff.

“Well……. We used to lie on the couch and…..”

Tracey started crooning again.

“Always and Forever….”

“But Trace,” I tried to interject between my pals sobs.

“And track ten was such a wonderful tune,” she blubbed.

“You know, it was our signature karaoke song Janice.”

Cringingly tuneless she was off again.

“My love.” Sniff. Sniff.

“There's only you in my life…..”

“Tracey,” I attempted to pull my pal back into the world of reality but…...

“My Endless Love.”

Somehow my Paul McKenna hypnotherapy CD wasn’t having the desired effect as Tracey was now bawling her eyes.

“Seems like track fifteen just wasn’t meant to be…..”

She blew hard on a tissue before croaking.

“Always and Forever……”

To my horror, suddenly out the corner of my eye, I spotted the Paul McKenna hypnotherapy CD on my bedside table and the penny dropped.

“I’m sooooooo………sorry Tracey.”

Too late for apologies it seemed but….

“I’ve given you my Love Songs CD by mistake.”

So much for helping a friend in need!