Ever since Britain voted to leave the EU last year, Brexit has dominated UK politics, cost many careers and left an unstable Government and a Cabinet which seems overwhelmed by the job in hand.

The Brexit referendum, while it didn’t strictly need to happen in the first place, did happen and there was a result.

Now we have many politicians, academics, experts in one filed or another and media commentators telling us we must not leave.

There are moves to scupper the process, willing negotiations to fail in order to reach a situation where Brexit doesn’t happen and we are forced into another referendum at which point the country will have changed its mind and a big remain vote will carry the day.

Then it can be business as usual.

It is business as usual that led to people to vote to leave the EU in the first place.

While people voted for a variety of reasons, it cannot be denied that a massive motivation in many parts of the country was that people were sick fed up of elites telling them what’s good for them.

People felt the EU was distant, undemocratic, unresponsive, bureaucratic and dominated by a political class which was acting in the interests of business and not the people.

In the main people did not understand the intricacies of the common fisheries policy, or the customs union and many would not have studied the advantages and disadvantages of the single market before casting their vote.

Democracies are only democratic at the point where people vote. Whether in choosing the government or a referendum, the power is truly in the hands of the people.

The vote didn’t offer any halfway houses, there was no pick and mix of membership of different EU bodies.

It as a straightforward leave or remain.

So the Job of the Government now is to negotiate a settlement to leave and a future trading relationship for the UK with the EU, from the outside.

While the masses have made the decision on the question presented to them the political classes have failed to deal with the consequences.

They have spent the last year fighting like ferrets in a sack, trying to use the situation for their own party political ends and some to further their own careers.

The Conservatives have shown themselves to be completely inept and incapable of handling this responsibility.

The Liberal Democrats tried to use the General Election to create circumstances for a re-run of the referendum, such was their trust and respect for the people.

Labour doesn’t appear to have a clear plan wither with many wanting to stay in the single market and others hopeful Brexit can be avoided.

North of the border the SNP has used it to highlight division between Scotland and England demanding a separate solution for Scotland, which itself disrespects the 2014 referendum result.

We know the people don’t trust politicians. What Brexit has shown is too many politicians don’t trust the people.