• 25 Mar 2015

    Monday's article on dirty dog owners perhaps would have been better headlined as dirty owners of dogs.

  • 24 Mar 2015

    IT'S not in Douglas Alexander's interests to value the NHS or the staff who work there.

  • 23 Mar 2015

    I WAS delighted to see the efforts of Glasgow woman Julie Love recognised, with the news that the government is to act to allow fatal accident inquiries to be held if a Scot dies overseas.

  • 21 Mar 2015

    Regards the latest shop closure, Crockets a couple of weeks ago.

  • 20 Mar 2015

    Regards the threat to school breakfast clubs, it's an absolute joke.

  • 19 Mar 2015

    Regarding barricades finally being installed to block off a doorway which had been used for public drinking, drug abuse, urinating and defecating in Argyle Street at the Heilanman's Umbrella, three things spring to mind.

  • 18 Mar 2015

    IN response to Julie Pringle, Letters Monday March 16, the Road Share campaign, which Mark Beaumont supports, is not calling for blanket protection of road users who fail to adhere to the rules but rather a system whereby the more vulnerable party involved in a collision is afforded the appropriate level of care and respect.

  • 17 Mar 2015

    TO compliment the council on winning the best local authority, maybe the chief executive and Councillor Matheson should try to build on this by: fixing or demolishing derelict buildings, renewing the paint on road surfaces, cutting back overhanging bushes and trees, introducing a maintenance program of cleaning blocked drains and implementing a sweeping regime for street sweepers.

  • 16 Mar 2015

    REGARDING Mark Beumont's call for a change in the law to protect cyclists.

  • 14 Mar 2015

    GOOD to see that health workers in Scotland are being given a one per cent pay rise.

  • 13 Mar 2015

    SHOCKING news that children as young as seven have been self-harming.

  • 12 Mar 2015

    CYCLISTS seem to want it both ways.

  • 10 Mar 2015

    With the next General Election fast approaching all politicians are now coming out their cupboards to impose their political views on the electorate.

  • 09 Mar 2015

    I AM thoroughly disappointed to hear that David Cameron is refusing to do more than one televised debate.

  • 07 Mar 2015

    STEWART Paterson reported on March 5 on the latest limp response, this time from the Cabinet Secretary.

  • 06 Mar 2015

    I WAS talking to an old friend about two veteran MPS who were trying to maintain their lifestyles with only a few hundred thousand pound coming in every year.

  • 05 Mar 2015

    In reply to Maureen Williamson of East Kilbride, adverts on trams and buses were very popular they were bright and cheerful and a good way to advertise as well as make extra money for the then Glasgow Corporation to help with the up-keep.

  • 04 Mar 2015

    Can anyone explain to me why cyclists are forced to share a lane with buses on the busy commuter route from Shawlands to the city centre.

  • 03 Mar 2015

    BEFORE the election would it not be advantageous for the electors to find out who is receiving second or more incomes from other sources on top of their parliamentary salary.

  • 02 Mar 2015

    TO all citizens of Glasgow once again Glasgow City Councillors, most deliberately chose to totally ignore the wishes of the electorate, who voted them into power.

  • 28 Feb 2015

    Well done to the police on the Knightswood campus cops and their litter initiative.

  • 27 Feb 2015

    As a resident of Glasgow, I am truly saddened and disgusted by the decision that was taken by the council to demolish the Royal Concert Hall steps on Buchanan Street.

  • 26 Feb 2015

    How is this for a solution to MPs taking second jobs, when an MP does work outwith his duties in parliament which he or she receives a salary, their salary is immediately suspended also any pension contributions, for as long as the outside job lasts, they must submit what they have been doing and how much they are paid, for tax reasons.

  • 25 Feb 2015

    Maryhill Housing Association should hang their heads in shame after not allowing a family to keep their late mum's home.

  • 24 Feb 2015

    The Scottish Government is consulting on proposals to make public sector bodies report climate change information.

  • 23 Feb 2015

    WHY are there (council) cuts at all.

  • 21 Feb 2015

    I wish the bus companies and the roadworks engineers would get together and get organised if there are going to be closures and diversions.

  • 20 Feb 2015

    Humza Yousaf, writing in the Evening Times, seems proud the SNP have written off outstanding poll tax arrears, but there is no mention of all the people who paid rather than break the law.

  • 19 Feb 2015

    In your Glasgow north west election article, one voter made a valid point that MPs make promises they don't keep.

  • 18 Feb 2015

    In 2005 Glasgow City Council put forward proposals to consolidate four primary schools and two nurseries onto one site on Gibson Street.

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