The Fastlink Bus Project presents many curious features.

Fastlink Buses will run along the centre of Govan Road, occupying the outer lane of each carriageway.

At bus stops, the Fastlink Buses will not draw in to the kerb, but deposit passengers on traffic islands in the centre of Govan Road. Not ideal for the elderly, or for juveniles, or any passengers, who have then to cross traffic to reach the pavement.

As Fastlink Buses approach these bus stops, the bus needs to cross-over into the opposite carriageway at each bus stop. This criss-cross manoeuvre seems very inadvisable.

Passengers waiting on the central islands may see an 'ordinary' bus approaching. To catch the 'ordinary' bus, they'll have to dart across traffic to the pavement. A sure recipe for accidents.

The money could be better spent on other projects.

Gordon Mackay Govan

IF, as our city leader and the council's marketing bosses tell us, it's the people of Glasgow who make the city so special (People Make Glasgow, June 28): why do the high heid yins in the City Chambers pay so little attention to our views?

From the George Square fiasco to the Fastlink stushie, we're always left in the dark over major projects.

Craig McPhatter

Via e-mail

YOUR story about the blind pupil being taunted in a school 'Year Book' made me think: when did our schools start importing this dreadful American idea? In my day, if we were lucky, we got a class 'photie'.

Donald Campbell Glasgow