Has suburban street cleaning become a thing of the past?

The area where I live is a dirty mess. I contacted the cleansing department because the area around our local primary school was hazardous with leaves on both road and pavements.

They duly came but only cleaned one side of the road. Another call was made and eventually the job was completed.

No attempt was made to clean the surrounding area, which is thick with a greasy mess of leaves which fills the gutters and blocks the drains, and as a previous correspondent observed, has contributed to flooding.

It was my understanding that the council had a duty to maintain roads and pavements, this being the case they should fulfil their responsibility.

H Dickson

King's Park

Odds on to lose

Not long ago in betting shops there were just horses, dogs and football to gamble on - and I'd

bet no gaming machines.

But the odds were still against you. There were five windows to take bets in but only one for paying out.

Brian Greer


City centre bid

I praise the council for setting up a City Centre hit squad to develop Glasgow's jewel in the crown, the city centre.

One idea they could do is to look at Edinburgh City Council which organised a Hogmanay Bash for 2013 and coined in more than £32million.

Mr Clean

Via e-mail

Barefoot gang

I saw the begging stunt in Buchanan Street just before Christmas (Barefoot Beggar Scam Gang, Thursday).

A guy sitting on the pavement with bare feet and a man and woman (distinctly Eastern European in appearance) put the man's shoes in their rucksack and calmly walked away.

The rucksack was bulging, which implied this was not the only pair of shoes in it.

Stewart Douglas


New Jags side

Great to see Partick Thistle starting a ladies team.

I hope the training nights are a real success.

C Gentles