My local library was closed over the holidays and I learned it didn't reopen until yesterday.

Youngsters on holiday couldn't get hold of books, and anyone in poverty without a laptop was cut off from access to info, jobs etc.

Meanwhile, in the affluent West End, awash with books, laptops and all sorts of gadgets, Hillhead Library was open all through the holidays, and even open on Sunday. To them that hath right enough. This is unfair and divisive.

Bad decision, Glasgow Libraries.

E Clark


Government fury

What a shower we have in the ConDem Government.

While we are in the midst of the worst flooding disaster for decades, the Environment Minister has decided to make savage cuts in Sepa. How callous can one get?

Meanwhile, David Cameron is dishing out syrupy sympathy to the victims. How two-faced can one get? People are having to go to foodbanks. How do these smug millionaires sleep at night? They should make a special episode of Shameless with the current government given starring roles.

Alex Lindsay


In our hands

FMK, from East Kilbride, asks the question what makes anyone think the current incumbent in Holyrood will treat us any better after independence (Letters, Friday)?

If there is a Yes vote then we have another election to decide who we want in government.

That may or may not be the SNP, it might be one of the other parties.

The point is we can vote out any government we are unhappy with. I think that if we vote No, we don't know how long we will have to live under a Tory government which may cut our future budget.

T Miller


New Year bore

Looking at your memories page with George Square in 1999, it's changed days to Glasgow's Hogmanay now with everything shut by 10pm.

Thought we might have welcomed 2014 in with a bang considering it's the Games year.

W Marsh

Kinning Park