With regards to the letter from your correspondent on Monday, I too noticed a barefooted man across from New Look in Buchanan Street.

I've seen him in Gordon Street as well, and had read the story of some kind person giving him a voucher for a sports shop for £50.

He then went in and cashed it in but did not buy trainers.

He will eventually make himself ill and pay for his ill-gotten gains.

Irene Green


Thatcher plans

I WONDER if reader FMK in your letters page on Friday has refreshed his memory after reading your article that day on what Thatcher had planned for Scotland.

Better the Devil you know? He got the description correct.

David Gartshore

Via e-mail

Closed libraries

I concur with the sentiments expressed by E Clark as regards the discrepancies in closure of Glasgow's libraries over the holiday period (Tuesday, Letters).

Libraries located in the more affluent areas were open right through the period, apart from the public holidays. Staff in these libraries were falling over each other, having been relocated from libraries in the poorer area that were kept closed.

My own local library was only open for two days over the festive fortnight - an improvement though on Milton and the other libraries which were closed right through. No such problem though for residents in the Dowanhill area, who had the choice between Hillhead and Partick for access to books, computers and free WiFi.

The spirit of Maggie Thatcher is alive and well in Glasgow Life and the city council - shame on you.

D Edgar


Food markets

I couldn't agree more with Councillor McDonald's belief for local food markets to be brought back.

Surely tackling food poverty is about changing communities. Years ago everyone would have looked out for one another, maybe we should get back to that.

C Perkins