REGARDING your article in the Evening Times, I also use McGill's buses and can't believe they have put up their fares for the third time.

This is daylight robbery. They don't have any competition so can do what they like. So much for using public transport.

I have no choice but to use their service as I live in Paisley and work at the Southern General, so I'm in need of this transport every day. I wish my wages went up three times a year.

Thanks for highlighting this story. A pity we can't do anything about this.

L Duncan Sent by email

No reply

REGARDING blocked drains - come to Shawlands, as the streets have been missed in the past nine months. I have contacted the roads department numerous times and am still awaiting a response.

F Henderson Sent by email

Cut centre staff

SURELY the best way to cut public spending on welfare is to drastically cut the staff in the Jobcentre Plus offices.

I sign on at one in Glasgow where there seems to be are more staff than jobseekers. Some of them seem bewildered at times. For instance, the disability employment adviser seemed unaware there was a lift in the building.

Another way to reduce spending would be to cut back on the number of times that say we 55-year-old disabled people have to sign on. Surely this would save a lot of taxpayers' money?

James Curran Glasgow

Honour farce

WHAT a farce the New Year's Honour List has become.

Other than for "extraordinary outstanding" achievements, who would warrant such an award? Certainly not a hairdresser, such as Lino Carbosiero, who styles the Prime Minister's hair.

I suggest he do the honourable thing and decline the medal, and that the panel responsible for the awards be replaced immediately.

FMK East Kilbride