Some weeks ago the owner of The Clutha announced that he intended to reopen that wonderful wee pub again.

And I was heartened to read in the Evening Times that he will to consult with the families of the victims over what form the reopened bar will take.

I still have concerns that some property developer will seize the opportunity to build a monstrous block of flats on the site, as they have done elsewhere around the Merchant City.

The Clutha, as has been stated many times, was a unique venue frequented by a music-loving and friendly clientele.

Please don't let that be lost to the people of Glasgow.

I M Wilson Via email

Age of wisdom

FMK (Letters, January 3)

says he has lived to 79 thanks to Westminster. Maybe it's time he remembered the many millions whose lives were cut short by the economic and social policies of previous, right wing Westminster governments.

Even many who reach pension age struggle to survive, especially in the winter, on one of the worst state pensions in the western world.

FMK's letter appeared on the same day that Margaret Thatcher's 1980s plans to slash the Scottish budget were revealed. That is exactly what unionist MPs hope to do in the event of Scotland voting 'no'.

Should they get their way, and Scotland's revenues, especially from oil, disappear once more into the pockets of the Westminster Chancellor, it will be the old, the sick and the poor who will suffer most.

G Mortimer Glasgow

Starter for £10

I have to applaud Glasgow City Council on their plan to get school kids saving (Starter for £10, January 9).

At a time when adults are turning to pay-day lenders, it is crucial that our young people learn the value of money. Getting them to save for what they want rather than rely on credit, can only be of benefit.

C Gentles Govan