Delighted as I am that Glasgow school pupils are to learn the benefits of saving, I suspect they'd learn quicker if they did it with their own money.

In this time of austerity, it seems the city council have £10 notes to give away.

How many potholes could be filled if this cash was redirected from the kids' pockets to the roads budget?

No harm to the kids, if someone offered me a free £10 note I'd grab, but giving them free cash is highly unlikely to teach them prudence.

A Leitch Via email

Parking plea

Great to see a free parking initiative in the city. However, I just hope the potholes are fixed around the city, otherwise we might end up using the savings from the free parking for car repairs.

C Perkins Glasgow

Keep it safe

re. YOUR warnings over city pick pocket gangs.

Thieves love to hang around signs warning the public to look out for pickpockets, because when the target sees the sign they instinctively check that they still have their valuables.

What they're really doing is telling the pickpocket "Hi, this is where I keep my wallet and this is where I keep my phone."

Jimmy Trainor Irvine, posted Online

Burst mains

re. burst water mains.

The main at Duke Street/Shettleston Road has been a problem for years. Putting a sticking plaster over it is not going to solve the problem.

Stewie Griffin Glasgow, posted online