I think the council has made the right decision to keep rickshaws off our streets (January 10).

I was in one in 2011 when it hit a parked car and nearly toppled over.

I said to the driver: 'What about the damage to that car you hit?' He said: 'Don't worry, he can claim on his insurance'.

When I pointed out that the damage might cost hundreds of pounds to fix, his reply was: 'That's what car owners pay insurance for'.

On other occasions I have seen them shout at motorists and pedestrians crossing the road.

I say keep them off the road.

J Kerr Via email

Party is failing

With the majority of Labour MSPs voting against free school meals, and the abysmal turnout of their Westminster group at last year's bedroom tax vote, is it safe to assume that the Labour Party is no longer the party of the poor?

What would Hardy and McLean think of the party's behaviour of late?

It is shocking that a country with such a proud Labour past should be let down by such a poor and disorganised Labour Party.

Andrew Wells Posted online

Use rail links

YOUR Eye Spy Glasgow blog - A ride into the Botanic's - caught my eye.

The disused rail line -connecting the SECC with Kelvinbridge and the Botanics - is a wasted resource, as is the one running under London Road to Parkhead, which could link many of the Games venues.

Hazel Kaye Posted online

Cafe bites

What a great idea to open a dog cafe (Evening Times, January 13)

I hope the Dug Cafe will catch on. It is a bit far for me to take my dog along to regularly, but we will be giving it a go.

Maybe some enterprising Glasgow cafe owners will follow suit and open similar cafes in the city's many parks.

C Perkins Glasgow