HAVING spent another night in a fruitless search to find a suitable house, it has just occurred to me, who are the numpties who put single people in houses that are too big for them?

I am not talking about people whose families have moved on, but single people or a couple put in a three or four-apartment home.

On the subject, why are old people allowed to stay in their overly large houses?

It makes sense to move them to better suited housing.

I understand that they have been there for years and it has been the family home but is that reason enough to deny younger families a chance at a better home environment?

Name and address supplied

Quality issue

THANKS for the investigation into air pollution concerns from a cyclist's perspective.

I urge you to develop your campaigning on air pollution and help to reduce vehicle idling, as this is a major contributor to poor air quality in the city.

Councillor Martha Wardrop City Chambers Glasgow


I WANT to thank the people who came to my aid when I fell last Tuesday in Jamaica Street. They put me on the bus home. I am fine now.

Mrs Campbell Glasgow

Charge car fees

I RECENTLY read that council leader Gordon Matheson has written to the big six energy companies on behalf of customers to try to get energy prices reduced.

It is good to see him acting on our behalf, and I will be interested to see the replies he gets.

However, he could act directly on behalf of his own customers - the city taxpayers - by ending the free city centre parking jamboree which top council officials and councillors have enjoyed for far too long.

Free parking is not in council contracts, it does not improve efficiency, it encourages pollution and council taxpayers do not benefit from it.

It's time for Councillor Matheson to bring this to an end.

Tommy Martin Glasgow