I enjoyed the picture of the Weir-built house from 1947 in your memories page on Tuesday.

I grew up in one of those houses, in Greenfield, Shettleston, from 1950 to 1968.

They had all of the drawbacks that you mention. I can still remember how freezing cold they were in winter. But for those of us who were moving out of old city tenements with outside loos, they were like semi-detached mansions, set in a rural landscape.

I was fascinated to discover that some of these 'steel houses' survive with new cladding and new roofs as maintenance was so expensive that most were knocked down by the 70s. Where in the city are the survivors?

Richard Lynas

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Rickshaw row

The last thing Glasgow city centre needs is Rickshaws (January 10).

Motorists have enough problems with suicidal cyclists without three-wheeled chaos on the already inadequate roads.



Festive viewing

I'd like to know if other readers out there thought the TV programmes over Christmas and New Year were a disgrace? Even repeats were repeated.

Whoever is responsible should be ashamed.

While we let younger members of the family go out and enjoy themselves, we sit at home and look after the house and children. Luckily we had some DVDs. Is this what we get for the TV Licence we pay for?

J Campbell

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Death of hero

So sad to hear of the passing of Bobby Collins.

He was my Celtic hero when I was a kid.

I remember some great scraps between him and big Sammy Baird of Rangers.

Celtic sold him to get the money to install floodlights and we so missed him when he left. He had a fantastic career in England. RIP 'Wee Barra'.

Sam McKeown

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