ONLINE Evening Times readers give their views on the fears for Glasgow's Savoy Centre.

MY MUM really enjoyed going into McDonald Bakers for coffee and a toastie but it shut just before Christmas.

A lot of other traders moved out because rents were becoming prohibitive.

The InShops were something different in a world of corporate brands. A lot of older people met up there and enjoyed the atmosphere.

What a shame it has been left to run down.

Stewart G, Glasgow

Shut up shop

I HOPE the centre does shut down - it's a blight to the shopping experience of Glasgow

It's full of shops with relics from 1985. I feel sorry for the traders but they are catering for the lowest common denominator.

Martino Mennoi

Rescue hope

IT IS a shame that this has happened but as a trader at the Savoy Centre it is hardly surprising - the place needs a makeover.

We have a bathroom and kitchen showroom and this has been dropped on us like a bomb shell. We have put a lot of time, effort and money into our business and are just finally getting somewhere.

Being told we will have to start all over again to find another place with no deposit for the unit means it looks grim for the future of our small business.

We can only hope someone comes to the centre's rescue.

Philip McKinnery

Revamp option

IF the centre was taken over and revamped, this would encourage both shoppers and new retailers to use it.

Not everyone likes visiting the multiple retailers and prefers to go to independent stores.

John Grummitt

Good luck

I HAVEN'T been at the Savoy in years. Nevertheless, I hope the traders get sorted out with a new landlord.

Johnny Mack