I WAS taking a friend from Canada around our city and we decided to go to the Botanic Gardens.

While taking the shortcut through the side streets leading to Byres Road, we noticed the area strewn with all sorts of litter, overflowing bins and household rubbish, which should have been disposed of in the appropriate bins.

Everywhere we walked there was litter.

Considering the West End is a favourite with tourists I felt embarrassed to think that this summer we will be hosting the Games.

I'm aware the majority of culprits are mindless people who don't care about littering.

However, the council should be on top of this problem on a daily basis.

My embarrassment was even more acute when my friend told me that Calgary had been voted one of the cleanest cities in the world. It seems other cities can get it right but we can't.



State of roads

GLASGOW City Council states that the thousands of pounds taken in from parking charges go towards the city's transport system.

Yet potholes riddle many city centre roadways. The roads are not up to standard.

Richard McCol

East Kilbride

Clutha support

I WAS pleased to see your story about big names in the drinks industry backing a Clutha Appeal Fund event (Thursday).

The people of the city have dug deep and worked hard to back the appeal and it's great to see big businesses doing their part, too.

Hopefully the money makes some difference to the people who have been left devastated by the tragedy.

J Kelly