My dear wife died of cancer on January 30, almost one year ago.

She fought with courage and never complained.

As a retired nurse with no knowledge of cancer, I had to take a crash course in oncology.

My local GPs and Macmillan nurses were there for us all the time, 24/7 and deserve praise.

Three soaps are insetting cancer in their storylines but Julie Hesmondhalgh, aka Hayley Cropper in Coronation Street, deserves an award for her harrowing portrayal of a cancer victim.

My wife is in your memorial column this week and watching Julie's departure was heartbreaking.

Alexander Lindsay


Standing in UK

I've been reading a lot about whether Scotland will have the pound?

Will Scotland be in the EU? Will Scotland be in Nato?

It has made me wonder about our position within the UK. Are we partners? If we are partners, then surely all treaties signed by the UK were for all countries in the UK, and agreements signed would be for us to uphold as well as Westminster.

Westminster can answer what is really only one question over the independence issue, and that is, "What is our standing in the UK?

Charles P O'Brien,


Rally launch

IT'S great to see Paisley at the heart of the start for the Monte Carlo Rally. The west of Scotland has had a long standing link with the event, dating back to the time when the former RAC club was in Glasgow's Blythswood Square. Let's hope the people of Paisley and further afield come out on Thursday to mark the start.

Name and address supplied

E-cigs ban

WITH regards e-cigs being banned in hospitals( Monday).

Well done to health boards for banning e-cigs from hospital grounds. While it might seem that an electronic cigarette isn't so bad, I feel it sends out the wrong signal if people are seen smoking them at hospitals.

It still makes smoking look attractive to youngsters. A good move on the health boards' part.

C Perkins