(Letters, January, 20), is being selfishly short-sighted about widening the pavements on Kilmarnock Road.

Kerbside parking on all main roads across the city should be stopped, other than for deliveries within specified intervals. This would mean that buses, taxis and cyclists could travel quickly to and from the city centre.

Pavements, in general, need decluttering and resurfacing. Wider pavements encourage people to walk more, are more accessible for pram pushers and wheelchair users, provided there are 'dropped' kerbs at crossing points. There would also be more space for cafes, pubs and restaurants to have pavement tables. The general ambience of street life would be enhanced.

Alasdair Macdonald Glasgow

Screen horror

RE. your story (January 21) about the city council's plan to broadcast their meetings. Will the British Board of Film Classification give this show an '18' (restricted), or perhaps a '12' "parental guidance" rating?

Will there also be commercial breaks during transmissions?

Some councillors might even try to claim appearance fees.

If you hear hammering coming from the City Chambers before April, it will be council staff fitting more mirrors, so that the 'stars' can check their hair and make-up before their big close-up

John Watcher Glasgow

Clippies ruled

Ting! Fares, please.

It was great to see the old picture on yesterday's Memories page of the clippie collecting fares. It was a real blast from the past.

I remember the clippies, they ran a tight ship. There was no messing with them.

C Gentles Govan

Check it out

RE. your story (January 17) about the unveiling of the Commonwealth Games tartan. It's modern and vibrant and I loved reading the story behind the choice of each colour.

Well done to everyone involved.

Annie Walker Rutherglen Australia