your front page story (January 22) regarding the proposal of a 5mph speed limit on cyclists in city parks. As a motorist, I think this is a ridiculous idea. Cyclists are probably at their safest in parks.

I think the city council should be more focused on road safety when it comes to cyclists. In my experience, there are cyclists who daily risk their own lives and those of drivers and pedestrians by going through red traffic lights.

This is a much bigger issue than cycling through a park.

Frank R Glasgow

Private power

If we all did what the boss of nPower and the others say, and fully insulates our homes as well as turn down our thermostats, fuel prices would rise even further, as the profits and the salaries of these fat cats must not only be maintained but increase year on year.

As long as they are shareholder-owned companies prices will always rise.

Why, if they make so much cash, don't the government run them?

Name and address supplied

Burrell hopes

Poor Sir William Burrell's dying wish has been put aside after MSPs voted to allow his art collection to go on tour.

You have to look upon it as good news - it can only be good for Glasgow to have worldwide publicity for such a renowned collection.

Hopefully the money it generates will go back into the venue here.

C Perkins Glasgow

Keep it clean

MUCH as I'm delighted to see that St Enoch Subway station is to get a revamp, I'm not sure if a glass and steel canopy is the way to go.

Look around the city and you'll soon notice that most glazed structures, apart from those that are privately owned, are filthy dirty. You only have to look at the state of most bus windows in Glasgow to see how dirty the city is.

I fear that, before long, the Subway canopy will be just as grubby and grimy.

Niall Hood Via e-mail