Now we know where our Westminster MPs are when they are absent from Parliamentary duties.

They are having their portraits painted at considerable expense to the hard-pressed tax payer. One would have thought that after the expense claim scandal they would have seen sense and stopped such practices.

What makes this matter more unsavoury is the fact that it has become common practice under Labour.

I McLaughlin

Via e-mail

Elephant shame

How many people watched Paul O'Grady in South Africa, and saw a baby elephant pass away because his mum was another victim who was shot for her ivory tusks.

This baby elephant starved to death because scum of the earth poachers deprived this baby of his mother's milk, care and attention.

All our family members, some of them young members, were reduced to tears. What is being done to stop this? These poachers must be dealt with, this is not an isolated case, please let these animals live in peace.

Mrs A Donaghy

Via e-mail

Cycle anger

Everyone is missing the point regarding cyclists. They are aiming at the wrong target.

As cyclists believe it is their divine right to illegally cycle on busy pavements swarming with pedestrians without fear of the police feeling their collar, why not apply a 5mph bye-law enforceable by police and traffic wardens on the pavements?

In parks. apart from designated cycle paths, 10mph seems reasonable. Kelvin Way is a death trap. Perfect for wannabe Olympic sprint cyclists to practise on, and they do.

Tom Kent