R Greer's "outrage" at the possibility of cyclists being told to slow down in parks, along with his diatribe against dogs (Letters, Friday) sums up perfectly the attitude of the significant minority of cyclists, to which I previously referred.

Presumably Mr Greer is one of those who aggressively inform dog owners "this is a cycle path - it's not for walking dogs"?

Nobody would dispute the fact there are some dog owners who fail to show consideration for other park users - just like some cyclists. All need to be held to account.

The argument that people are always being lectured to exercise and get out in the fresh air, applies equally to dog owners.

There are numerous studies that have shown the health benefits from owning a dog.

Dog owners are the ones who use the parks every day in all weathers. So, to quote Mr Greer "why demonise the very people who are using the parks".

Doreen Edgar


Tasty memories

WITH regards your memories picture on Wednesday of the RAF ambulance turned fishmonger and poulterer van. How shopping has changed.

People had no choice but to shop week to week or even day to day.

And it's true what they say about fish being the original fast-food.

It was probably the only fast-food as there wasn't the choices on offer today.

W Marsh

Kinning Park

Rally turnout

Great to see so many people turn out for the Monte Carlo rally starting in Paisley.

There must have been a few thousand people looking on as the cars were waved off. With the backdrop of the Abbey and Town Hall, it looked spectacular. Let's hope it returns another year.

Name and address supplied

Game on for city

I see they are looking for 3000 volunteers to take part in the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2014 Games.

What a great opportunity for people to become involved. With less than six months to go, I hope the people of this good city embrace the Games.

C Rogers