I'M not surprised we have a growing homelessness problem in Glasgow (January 27).Having worked in city hostels throughout the closure programme as a manager and as a Unison rep, senior management ignored all of the warning sign.

In their rush to close the large hostels, which catered for 1200 vulnerable adults, they have created massive problems.

I warned the then manager, in writing, that if they continued to ignore the warning signs they would "create mass homelessness."

My letter was ignored.

The Hamish Allan Centre has been handing out sleeping bags and advice about the best places to sleep rough, as they have nowhere to place vulnerable homeless adults.

Name and address supplied

Smoke and ire

I CANNOT believe that e-cigarettes are to be banned in so many places. There is no evidence that they are harmful.

In fact they have proved to assist many smokers to cut down, and even quit altogether.

There is no harmful smoke emission, only a harmless vapour.

There is no logic behind the ban. Seems like the usual persecution of smokers.

Meanwhile, it has been noted that air pollution in Glasgow, in particular in Hope Street, is extremely high.

The noxious fumes from the traffic, causing strokes, heart attacks and asthma.

I think people's priorities should change. Be more tolerant towards e-smokers, and push the powers that be, to a clean up of our worsening air pollution.

Maria McMillan Rutherglen

Rolling stone

GOVAN'S global legacy looks like it will grow even further as I see the famous 'Hogback Stone' burial marker is on the move.

I hope tourists and Londoners make a point of heading along to the exhibition at the British Museum for what is a rare chance to see the stone outside its natural surroundings of Govan Old Parish Church.

C Gentles Govan