IF people have to get their housing benefit cut because of an extra room, then the council should provide a smaller house, or the tenant should cut back on treats.

This would pay the extra, no problem.

And before anybody starts screaming at me, let me just say, I brought up two boys on social benefits. To give them the things they needed and to keep a roof over our heads, I had to cut out cigs and nights out.

People nowadays think all they need do is put their hands out and they will get. Ever hear of making sacrifices for your children?

Name and address supplied

No gold medal

As a resident of Dalmarnock, who lives opposite the Commonwealth Games Village, I think it would have been a nice gesture had we been given tickets to the opening ceremony.

We have had years of disruption; houses full of dust, no shops, not even a council tax rebate.

While the councillors are busy patting each other on the back, they have neglected the people of Dalmarnock.

Mr Comrie Posted online

Park plans

THE council's parks plans are stupid.

They could hit the city's many farmers' markets and possibly threaten the South Side Festival, which takes place in Queen's Park.

It is a must people sign the petition to stop these new rules coming in.

Alan Hall Glasgow

Vote them out

A very big 'well done' to the Evening Times, for once again alerting readers to Glasgow City Council's latest scheme to fleece motorists (City street is paved with gold for council coffers, January 28).

The plan to inflict a whopping 300% rise in parking charges, on Kilmarnock Road, Shawlands: yes, you read right - 300% - is ridiculous.

Citizens of Glasgow, they say that, "you get what you vote for", and now, unfortunately, we all have to have to suffer for our loyalty, until 2016, when, through the ballot box, we, the citizens, will have our say.

John Watcher Posted online