I WAS disgusted to read (Letters, Monday) that Glasgow's Hamish Allen Centre is being forced to hand out sleeping bags to homeless people and telling people the best places to go to sleep.

I find this situation totally disgusting in a city where we are blowing up homes by the thousands, spending £240,000 on re-tiling a swimming pool at Tollcross, and lifting and relaying George Square every other year to suit the ego maniacs in the City Chambers.

The gauge of any civilised society is how its treats the less well. If this is what is happening here in Glasgow, something needs to be done.

Mr I Stewart Govanhill

I back plan

I fully support the council's brave decision to increase parking charges in Shawlands and the strategy behind it, to increase the use of healthier alternatives.

Norman Armstrong Glasgow

Sour note

YOUR Memories picture (Tuesday) of the little girls drinking school milk brought back memories - but not good ones. Oh how I remember the smell!

At my school, the milk was always warm and disgusting by the time it reached us. I tried to swap with pals if they had sweeties, but I sometimes got caught. I only realised later it had health benefits.

L McGarrity Renfrewshire

Local shops

I'M GLAD someone is finally standing up for independent shops (Bid to put brakes on express stores, January 29).

It's bad enough that big out of town superstores stores killed our high streets. Now, the same store chains seem to want to buy up every corner shop.

Just remember, every penny you spend in one of these shops is sucked out the local community and sent straight to the head offices down south, there to be divvied up amongst the shareholders.

I'd sooner walk and extra 100 yards, and pay a little bit more, to buy my daily items in shop where the owner knows my name.

Name and address supplied